Technical Connection

Manage and monitor your technical connections to the various trading systems on Deutsche Börse Group’s website for Customer Technical Support and contact us directly for technical inquiries.

High Precision Timestamp

Sample data files of the upcoming High Precision Timestamp file service are now available in the ‘Analysis Tools’ download folder. The new timestamp is captured at the outer bounds of the exchange network and will allow to calculate the real time lag to winning orders with higher accuracy. Available for all aggressive orders sent via Co-Location 2.0 Service. Download the sample files and let us know of your feedback.

Common Report Engine (CRE) infrastructure upgrade

The migration to the new CRE infrastructure ends on 16 April 2018 (see circulars Xetra (005/2018), Eurex Trading (003/2018) and Eurex Clearing (004/2018)) Please plan the migration to the new CRE infrastructure asap to ensure continued access to the CRE.

Requests and Configuration

Review your technical configuration and create or modify your requests and technical installations.

Incident Tickets

Create and manage technical incident tickets.
Incident Tickets

Monitors and Statistics

Check the connection status of your sessions and MISSes. Also view round-trip times and other statistical information.

Membership overview and contacts

See details on the membership of your organisation and manage your technical contacts.